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Shilou Town Enterprises donated Fans to help Traffic Remediation Work

  • 2021-06-17

On June 12th, the Shilou Chamber of Commerce united 6 companies including Haowei Freight Forwarder, Zhiwei Garment, Linsen Environmental Protection, Xinfeng draught fan, Yuanrui Furniture and QiXiang Industry donated 6 cabinet-style mist fan to Shilou Town, to bring cool breeze to Traffic Persuaders.The mayor Zheng Shaoxin accepted the gifts.

Mayor Zheng Shaoxin expressed his gratitude to the Shilou Chamber of Commerce and enterprises for their support to the traffic rectification work in Shilou Town. At the same time, the mayor said that government is to enterprises what are fish to the water. The government should serve enterprises good, solve practical difficulties, and make enterprises grow stronger in a good operating environment. And will continue to mobilize enterprises and Party members to participate in the traffic persuasion activities, and give full play to the vanguard party members and invite the masses to participate in the social management, which will lead them to cooperate with the government for the traffic renovation work consciously, and improve the people's awareness of traffic safety.

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